[BOOTSTRAP] Safestrap for Droid 3 [12/16/2011 V1.08 - BUGFIX]


Nov 30, 2011
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Los Angeles, CA
SAFESTRAP 1.08 [BUGFIX] (2nd-System Bootstrap / Recovery)

[ WARNING: All backups made with other Recoveries (even older Safestrap versions) will NOT be accessible in the new version.

I moved the location of backup files to /sdcard/safestrap/backup (vs. /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup) so that users didn't accidentally restore a 2nd-system backup over their primary system in another recovery utility.

Please perform a backup while in Non-Safe mode to have a full 1st and 2nd system backup for disaster recovery. ]

** INSERT STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for any damage you do to your phone using my tools. Always have a fastboot available for disaster recovery. **

Download Here
[ Make sure you get the DROID 3 VERSION ]


  • [12/16] Fixed bug: /cache has the wrong partition # causing restores to abort.
  • [12/14] Added "search" button binding on splashscreen to skip and continue booting
  • [12/14] Added "Disable Safestrap" item in the "Advanced" menu for those users who end up in a Recovery Loop (where no matter what they do they always enter recovery).
  • [12/14] Updated hijack for better ICS binary loading
  • [11/20] Fixed 2nd processor performance issue
  • [11/20] New ICS "install" graphic is now animated
  • [11/20] Fixed image error message on boot
  • [11/16] Fixed advanced restore bug where partitions would drop from the list upon re-entry
  • [11/16] Added some ICS recovery graphics
  • [11/16] Swap from 1st system to 2nd system faster (removed /preinstall and /cache from stashed data)
  • Caching of userdata between the safe and non-safe systems -- This does take some time. I know it's not instant like it was before. But many users were experiencing hung starts, etc. And now you don't need to constantly backup/restore between swaps.
  • Full support for Internal / External SD cards (partitions). Thanks Atrix dev team!
  • When not using BP-Tools entry mode, you can mount USB cards (again) in the mounts section.
  • Backups are marked as "safe-" or "nonsafe-" + the date for clarity.
  • You can now flash non-Safestrap specific ROMs, and they will go to the Safe System area.
  • Updated to Koush's CWRecovery source.

Entry to recovery via new Splashscreen on boot-up. The screen stays up for around 8-10 seconds and if you hit the menu button, it takes you to Safestrap Recovery. No more Power + M, volume business! Although, for now I kept the BP-Tools entry method active as well.


  • I need to handle the default "Reboot Recovery" triggers that Koush's Bootstrap handles. ROMs like Liberty which have those options won't work correctly till I add them.


  • Koush who develops such a GREAT recovery system and the makes the source available for others to use.
  • The Atrix dev team who I pulled the internal/external SD card support from
  • The Defy dev team that originally developed the Bootmenu source which I stripped down and used for the Splashscreen.

As always, let me know what you think!