[BOOT ANIMATION] - Mortal Kombat " Scorpion face off Kratos " -


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Feb 28, 2011
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this Boot Animation is Base on the new Mortal Kombat Game....well this is a special case my favorite character from the series " SCORPION " face off Olympus god killer "KRATOS"

using Liberty ToolBox is the easy way to install the animation or any boot animation IF YOU ARE USING LIBERTY ROM...rename the zip file as " bootanimation.zip " as need it

if you are using LIBERTY 1.5 ROM do the follow :
*- copy the animation zip file to your Root SDcard
*- then run "Liberty Toolbox"
*- goto "Liberty Tweaks"
*- goto "Manage Boot Animation"
*- then "Install /sdcard/bootanimation.zip"

Reboot and enjoy the animation ...

using ADB :

1. download files below
2. put the file in your sdk/tools folder
3. rename the file to "bootanimation.zip" if is need it
4. go into adb and push file as follows:

adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local
adb reboot

Reboot your Droid X and Enjoy

Using ROOT EXPLORER to the follow :

1. copy the bootanimation.zip in your SDcard.
2. using Root Explorer copy/Move the bootanimation.zip
3. goto " data "
4. goto " local "
5. copy/move file here. NOTE: if there is another "bootanimation.zip" file here rename it sample = original_animation.zip
6. long press "bootanimation.zip" and click Permissions then select every single checkbox there click OK.
7. press BACK till you're out of Root Explorer.
8. REBOOT and enjoy

you can download this animation from :

Click here to download the file

and you can check the video in action here