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Jan 7, 2010
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This will at first seem like a typical setup problem. I had my bluetooth set up with my car. Then my droid started doing crazy stuff, kept shutting down and restarting (not bluetooth related). I finally resorted to a factory reset. While this worked, all my connections came back as well as apps, bluetooth will no longer connect to my car. I connected it to my Garmin GPS first while on the road with an RV. Now, trying to connect to my car, my car simply says after having loaded it in the settings that my droid is not active. Bluetooth is on. I have tried but cannot find a way to delete the Garmin, suspicious that it is 'active' and not allowing my car to hook up? Any ideas besides the obvious? I have used bluetooth many times with other phones, so not a 'rookie' at this. Thanks for any and all replies.