Bluetooth rings every time connected to car on Droid


Nov 20, 2009
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West Allis, WI
Had another weird bug today with bluetooth.

Every time it would connect to my car's bluetooth system (i.e. I would turn the car on, or if the car was on and I'd turn the bluetooth off, then back on). The car would immediately go into bluetooth mode and I would hear a ringing phone sound through the speakers. The phone didn't say it was in a call, and there is no record of the call in the call log. The ringing wouldn't stop nor would it be answered.

If I would turn the car off, or walk away out of range and come back into range, or toggle the phones bluetooth function, as soon as it connected to the car it would begin ringing again. I have to hit the end call button on the car to stop it. After that it would function fine again until it reconnected. I deleted the pairing on the phone and the car and erased all traces, and repaired. It still did the same thing.

I assumed at this point there was something wrong with the car's system or the phone. I couldn't have the car looked at, and thought it was the car honestly, but I could rule out the phone. I did this by shutting the car off, and then turning it back on. The bluetooth connected and the ringing began. I left the car running and turned the phone off. Then I pulled the battery. I waited a minute and then reinserted the battery and the phone and expected the ringing to start. It never did. It has worked flawlessly since. I don't know if it was the battery pull or the restarting of the phone, but one of those things fixed it, so it's not the car. It's the phone. I don't know if it's hardware or software though.