bluetooth stereo into which you can plug your own headphones?


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Aug 14, 2010
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Thanks to richjacksonkc, I just learned about bluetooth clip-on devices which let you plug in your own stereo headphones while being able to use most-to-all of the features a regular stereo bluetooth headset would offer. A search of the dealextreme website yielded a few cheapies, including a knockoff of the Nokia (the original of which isn't even supposed to be too good.) The discontinued, but findable, Jabra BT3030 is the leading contender at the moment, but I don't know about compatibility with the x, if there's something better, etc. Please advise! Thanks!
I've been using Acoustic Research ARWH1. Pairs nicely w/ my D1 and I even use it as a HU stereo reciever.

Has it's own built in volume control separate from your phone and has pre-defined mixer modes.

Played continuous music for 4.5 hours before it lost it BT connection (I actually timed it.)
Next time, please don't take so long to reply! What was that, maybe 30 seconds? And I just bought it from Amazon to a low 30 clams. Thanks!
I actually have the BT3030, and it pairs just fine with my Droid Incredible. I can use the earbuds that came with it (shorter cable is nice) or use my own (I use my Skull Candies.)