Bluetooth not pairing or connecting to headset


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Feb 4, 2011
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I have a Droid 1 that I rooted about a month ago and now run CyanogenMod 7. I use a Blue Parrot headset and has paired and connected fine up till last week when I forgot to reconnect it (after taking the phone far enough away from the headset) before getting a call. As the call came in, I hit the little button on the headset to make it connect so I could take the call. It didn't connect (sometimes it would, other times it wouldn't) so I cleared the headset, unpaired it from the phone and tried to repair from scratch (I have done this many times). Now, nothing shows up in the device list when searching for them, not even on my radio (which I have paired with in the past as well). Once in awhile I can get the headset to show up in the list and sometimes even pair, but I can't get it to connect. Although, I did somehow get it to connect one time but as soon as I made a call it disconnected and now nothing. Is this a hardware problem? An antenna problem? A rooting problem? I've also tried going back to the original ROM and that didn't help either. Please help.