bluetooth killing battery life


Nov 20, 2009
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West Allis, WI
This problem existed on the original droid until the first ipdate, so lets hope...

On the d1 now, afterbfixes, leaving gps anx bluetooth on, and to some extent wifi, have little to no impact on battery life so long s they arent in active use. I lkke this... a lot. This seems to be true for the Bionic with regards to gps, but not bluetooth. I have it on and paired with my car for calls only. Webt through all apps I coikd think of and turned off bt. The icon is showing non active. It is still my #2 battery killer. ANY THOUGHTS?

Sorry for the typos. Still adjusting to an all ts keyboard.
I have also noticed Bluetooth is a hog while not connected. The only time I use out is while I am in the car. Haven't been connected at all today and it has used 60% of my battery.

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+1 - I looked at the battery stats and BT had taken 27% of battery just by being switched on and without me having anything connected!
I haven't had much of an issue with it. I have the car dock and turn it on when I get in the car then turn it off before o talker it out of the dock.

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I completely agree... this is just like the OG Droid situation when it first came out. Without my bluetooth and Wifi continuously on my Bionic, i can easily get a good day's worth out of my battery and then just charge at night... there definitely needs to be an update that fixes this, b/c without remembering to turn these off, i get half the battery life... you would think that moto would have the knowledge and experience by now to realize this... this is only one of the few things about this phone that i have an issue with... otherwise i think it's great, Especially coming from the OG Droid, this thing is super fast, and i have yet to notice any lag whatsoever.
just saw another thread about this too
maybe it's just the battery usage meter app that's broken
i turned BT off and still says 26% usage
also says phone has been on for 8 hours despite multiple on/off resets and plug/unplug
refresh doesn't change anything