Blue/Green/Red Dots during CamCorder


Nov 15, 2009
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Hey it just started happening today in the middle of looking through the camera's view I noticed a red dot appear randomly in the screen and stay there. It would be red green or blue and it would kind of look like a dead pixel but a bit bigger. Its not a dead pixel because even during play back it shows up on the tv/computer and also its not there when I shut off the camera and go back to home.

Does anyone know what that is or why its happening?
Best bet would be take it into Verizon, have them look at it and get a new one...
I think its something with the software of the moto camera app. Download camera360 and see if its still there. I have the same issue and did that and they didn't show up.

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Does Camera360 let you specifically shoot in 720 or in 'HD'? These "dead pixels" only show up for me when looking through the viewfinder in 720 mode. I see them in both the still camera and the camcorder, but they only save in the finished product on the camcorder, not on the stills.

I posted about it a few days ago here:

Hoping this will just be a software fix.
Im jus glad to see Im not the only one seeing it. I haven't heard anyone else with this issue.