Blank boot animation


Aug 28, 2010
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How can I get a blank boot animation like in CM7? I am running Justice. Is there a that is just black? Would that slow down the bootup compared to the Android boot animation that is used when there is no Also, does anyone have a yellow or green version of the Droid X eye animation?
I don't know that it would speed up or slow down the boot as it only plays while the OS is loading. Once it finishes, the BA simply stops.

A boot animation is simply a collection of images placed into 1 or more folders with a small text file telling the system how to use them. You could realistically put 1 or 2 black squares in the folders and just have it repeat until finished loading.

You can use the BA guide I put together over on the XoomForums to get the gist of how to make one, although images sizes and such would be different. The concept would be the same though.
[GUIDE] Make Your Own Boot Animations

But if you'd rather not get into making your own:
Green droidX eye boot animation: Green Eye Boot Animation [droid x mod] - xda-developers

Oh, and put the file in /data/local instead of /system/media. That way, you won't overwrite the original one and if you have problems, you delete the one in /data/local and it defaults back to the other.
Is flashing the zip version in recovery the same?