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Apr 4, 2011
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So, yesterday, I dropped my Droidfrom around a foot or foot and a half distance to a slightly carpted floor (slightly because it can barely be considered carpet anymore) and the screen stopped working (I've sadly dropped it from higher onto concrete before, but only ended with scrapes). I took the battery out and then replaced it after a few seconds and did it with the SD card to see if that would help. Neither worked so I googled and found a post mentioning to do a certain button combination to get it to reset in a way. That didn't work.

So, today, I went to a local Verzion store and showed 'em my phone. They guy said it was basically dead due to the screen not functioning (though we could both feel vibrations from unlocking and buttons and such). So, figuring it was, I browsed the store and figured the TBolt was my best option. I bought that, but we couldn't get my contacts switched using my gmail, so I figured I'd try at home. When I got home, I plugged my phone up to the laptop using the charging cord and my screen decided to start up.

So I called the guy I just bught my TBolt from and he said the screen could do that, but it would likely just shut off again after a few days. Now, having very little faith in humanity and knowing his job is based quite a bit on what he sells, I came here wanting to know if he was right.

Will my phone's screen go blank again unexpectedly or only if I drop my phone again or not at all for a long time? I figured I'd give the TBolt a 7 day trial (since the guy said I had 14 days to return it), but I wanted to know if that was even neccessary. If it won't, I'd like to wait for the Bionic or Droid X2 (maybe even Droid 3) or the Xperia Play if that ever comes out in the US.

Thanks in ahead for the help.
Im having a little different problem that i need help with when ever i turn my phone (Droid X) on it says boot loader 30.04 battery low cant program then shuts off. I have been charging it for over an hour now and the same thing keeps happening I would really appreciate some help!!!
I recently changed the screen and while changing the phone I broke the LCD. I replaced both the screen and LCD. Went to turn the phone on, it comes on but screen is black. The touch buttons on the bottom work light up, vibrate alerts work, can even answer phone calls. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
Was it an amoled device and you switched to Slcd?
I went to check my phone and noticed that the screen had froze. When I pressed the screen lock button on the side, it went black and I was unable to reactivate the screen. The green LED light is blinking, so the phone is active but I cannot turn off/on. Any idea what I could do?
Hold the power and volume down button for about 10 seconds. It will force a reboot of the phone - like a battery pull. You won't lose your apps, it's just a reboot.
i went to sleep with my phone plugged in then when i went to check it it was black i tried hitting the on/off/lock button and it didnt do anything, i took the battery out and still no luck, help me out?
was phone on a custom rom?
does it do anything when connected to pc?