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Jul 28, 2014
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Biztech SugarCRM CE is an advanced android app that allows users to filter the incoming call depending upon whether the incoming contact is saved in their Sugar Contact database. It also allows the user to add, update and delete records of the Accounts, Contacts and Leads module.
Whenever a SugarCRM contact calls the app user, the app will highlight the caller details by mentioning that the caller is a SugarCRM Contact. Also, the app shows the three primary modules of SugarCRM: Account, Contact, Lead and allows the app user to add new records to these modules and update/delete the existing ones. The app user can only perform the add/update/delete functions when the app is connected online with SugarCRM. Thus, any updates in the records via the app will get directly updated in SugarCRM. Also, the app will work in background to bring and sync the data from SugarCRM to the app. This app will be very useful in catering the future requirements of SugarCRM Users of varied business verticals.

Key Features of Biztech SugarCRM CE Application:

  • SugarCRM Module Integration: Integrates the three modules of SugarCRM – Accounts, Contacts and Leads with the app
  • Direct Update of Records: The users can add/update/delete records in accounts, contacts & leads module and the records will directly get updated in SugarCRM.
  • Call Filter: Filters incoming call on your mobile phone from your SugarCRM contact and displays the key information about the caller.
  • More Fields in Detail View: The detailed view of accounts, contacts & leads show all the fields as in SugarCRM. The fields are shown in subpanels with an expand/collapse feature to view all details properly. The accounts will show related contact & leads. Also, contacts will show related leads.
  • Field Selection: The user can also select/deselect the fields to be shown for each module from the Settings page.
  • Easy to Install: The application can be installed and configured very easily.
  • Store Offline Data: Allows you to set whether to store user’s data if they are offline.

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