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Nov 1, 2013
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Raise your smartphone IQ with smart contact profiles from Card2Contact

When you receive a business card or make a new contact, do you always remember:

When and where you met?

To add the contact details to your smartphone?
To follow-up and convert your lead into a sale?
For any business professional, follow-up from a successful networking event can be a total pain. Business cards are burdensome, difficult to manage, and offer no easy way to turn your new connections into new business.

Card2Contact manages everything you need to know about your important contacts right from your smartphone. The Card2Contact app not only digitizes business cards with a quick photo, but also integrates your calendar, address book, and notification reminders into one complete system to turn your smartphone into a mobile CRM.

Card2Contact has now brought its award winning BlackBerry app to Android with five new features and a completely redesigned UI to solidify its position as the complete communication management system.

Card2Contact Features

Event-based Contact Management System

Most professionals remember their relationships by the event or location they were made, but mobile address books do not easily group contacts this way. Card2Contact solves this problem by integrating your contacts with your mobile calendar. When a new contact is added, Card2Contact will automatically cross-reference the time it was uploaded and integrate it with any corresponding calendar event (users also have the ability to manually sync the contact to an event). This feature provides crucial contextual information as to when and how key business relationships were forged.

100% accurate manual business card conversion

Whether you’re at a networking event or conference, or just on the go, all you have to do is to snap a picture of the newly received business card. Card2Contact’s transcription team will manually convert and send the contact information back to your smartphone, with 100% accuracy.

Smart contact profile pages

In addition to business card conversion, Card2Contact lets you upload all existing address book contacts to their secure cloud-based servers. Each uploaded contact features a rich profile page in addition to typical contact information, including custom display pictures and images uploaded directly from the business card, previous meeting history and personalized notes.

Contact follow-up reminders

Once a contact is added, Card2Contact provides an option to flag the contact for follow-up, specifying the perfect time or day to receive a reminder. This is an excellent feature for sales professionals looking to quickly convert leads into new business by ensuring they’re not forgotten.
Calendar and contacts cloud synchronization

Card2Contact synchronizes all contact and calendar data, as well as follow-up reminders with a secure cloud-based server. Users can download Card2Contact to any Android smartphone and access their data via a secured connection. This allows for seamless data transfers between Android devices and ensures that your contacts are never lost with a lost smartphone!

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