Bit the Bullet..

I found where to load my tones. I had to copy them into two folders. Notifications for txt tones and ringtones for calls.

The task manager is what is native on the phone for your task killer

I was looking for this elusive "ringtones" folder, but my phone doesn't even have it. Mine has on the internal sdcard: media/audio/notifications but no ringtones folder. Also there is only one file in the notifications folder. Do I make another folder called "ringtones" or is there somewhere else I need to navigate to?

My phone isn't rooted and won't be, if that makes a difference.
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I put a folder on my data card

Then move your tones into those folders.
Ringtones for caller tones
Notification for txt and msg tones

Reboot the phone and it should start to find them.

Just silly to me though that it had to be two folders.

*my phone isn't rooted either. No custom launchers either.
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Thanks for the reply and sorry for getting this thread off track.

I wound up just making a folder on my ext sdcard called ringtones and when I disconnected my phone from my pc and went to the sounds settings, the ringtones I downloaded were all there, without a reboot. Was really surprised the phone found them immediately.