Bionic, waiting patiently, but worried

well bionic/targa followers i have caved... i went with the X2 and will be getting it tuesday. as much as i loved the looks of this phone it just took to long.

maybe if rapture doesnt happen and moto somehow gets a release date out in 14 days i will return it. but not looking good.
It doesnt look good 4 me also!
Having used the DX1, I can't upgrade to the DX2. The physical buttons and awkward handling when texting kills it for me.
if i had an X1 i wouldnt get it either. but i have a moto T730.

the X2 looks rock solid. so im very happy with what it can do. it will last me until the next generation of 4G phones come out.

when all of them are dual core or higher. and the battery issue is fixed completely. which who knows. maybe it will be the bionic. then i will just sell the X2 and grab it.
I still use the original droid actually, but my brother has gone through the X1 and recently the Thunderbolt so I got to test them quite a bit.

He returned the TB because of the battery issue with LTE, the screen is beautiful though.

The X1's balance just always feels off for me because of the hump for the camera.

He agrees that, despite the physical keyboard, which is a waste of plastic, the OG can really outshine any current Droid Model, minus the screen size of course.

Put it this way, I've had 2 upgrades for 3 months now and I still haven't upgraded.

I was excited about the Bionic because it looked like a much more comfortable fit, plus it still has the larger and more high end screen.

I have high hopes for the Bionic, it won't rule the world, but when I saw it at E3, I said, "Wow, I want that." And I've yet to have that feeling with any other phone I've used/seen since I got the original Droid.

Yes, the Bionic may not even come out, yes it might get redesigned, but I think we can all agree, it looked sexy as hell at E3 and it's got one awesome name.
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I just overwork my Droid and no rom has ever worked quite right (may be my Sweeterhome launcher, but I just can't part with its awesomess)...So I'm definitely itching to upgrade.

To make matters worse, a city I travel to quite a bit is giving me trouble with the 3G. Could be that signal issue, but also noticing getting a lot less out of my battery (talking 18 months now, so could be getting long in the tooth).

Long story short, I have a major incentive to upgrade to an LTE phone (one because of power, the other because of the 3G issues). But I have 3 months until my upgrade. Neither the TBolt or the other phones do it for me (possibly X2 or D3, if they were LTE) so I'm content to gut it out.

On the other hand, if the Targa/Bionic comes out shortly and is as-advertised, I probably pull the trigger. Might recover most of my money by flipping my upgrade when that comes due. Haha, that's when I might become a big fan of the IPhone since I could probably flip that to close to 100% of retail if I'm one of the first to get it.
I upgraded to a DX yesterday and I am thrilled. Its so much faster than my OG Droid. I've had an upgrade for months and I haven't used it because I was waiting for the Bionic. I still have the upgrade and this will hold me over until it is released.

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If sprint has service in your area it's a good deal.

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