Bionic Emu to TV Help


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Nov 21, 2011
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So, I am trying to use my Bionic to play video games on my regular old TV. Here is my plan:
1) Use the microHDMI output on the phone to mirror the Emus to my TV.
a) Convert MicroHDMI to HDMI
b) Convert HDMI to RGB to input to my TV (using this converter box)

2) Use an App / Driver like GamePro to use a Bluetooth Gamepad (like the BGP100 or Phonejoy)

I figured that I could plug the Bionic into the TV (via converter) and then sit on the couch with the bluetooth gamepad and play all of my old school video game / arcade game favorites to my heart's content.

A) The converter above, and all others it seems, say that the source video has to match the TV's capabilities. I am going into a Toshiba Cinema Series HD (Model: TN55X81) and I have no idea what the native resolution is (not in the manual, no solid results with google). Also, I am not sure what the Bionic's output(s) are for the emus.

B) Has anyone actually used either of the above Bluetooth controllers? I'm not sure if they will work for all the emus I have.

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this or some other process that basically lets you achieve the goal I have. Any advice on how to make this work, or any knowledge about why it can't work?

BTW, I have not rooted my phone. Thanks.
I can not comment on #1 as I haven't received my cable from Amazon yet, but I would like to make a suggestion on #2. I recommend the SixAxis app from DancingPixelStudio and using a PS3 controller. The software is crazy easy to setup, supports up to 4 controllers, but does required root access. The PS3 controllers are built better and are more stable IMO.