Bionic Car Dock and Droid Roadster Bluetooth wont play nice...


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Oct 27, 2011
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I have the integrated cord for the car dock that has the audio and charger ports on the end. I want to be able to play audio (Pandora) through the jack direct to my radio but have the bluetooth available to answer calls at the same time. It seems like I can only stream the audio through the bluetooth when its turned on and the audio suffers. Also can I change the music button that the Bionic defaults to when placed in the dock so that it will let me access Pandora directly instead of hitting the back button to get to the main menu. As it is right now the music button defaults me to the music saved on my SD card. Any other tips regarding the dock app or the bluetooth speaker would be appreciated. Especially how to navigate to my main menu without backing through all the menus and accepting the stupid user agreement multiple times. This is my first smartphone and I am pretty computer literate, but have never rooted a phone before (but would be willing to try with the proper direction)