Big Changes In EMUI 5


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Oct 6, 2011
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EMUI is the lackluster Android skin featured in Huawei devices. It is often the one factor in Huawei phones that users and reviewers alike are not stoked about. EMUI tends to be very heavy and often causes some slowdowns and lag. EMUI has come a long way in the past few years. My time spent with the Mate 8 and even the Honor 8 earlier this year was very pleasant. EMUI was responsive and snappy for the most part with very few lags and stutters.

EMUI is getting better. The release of EMUI 5 comes with several big changes. The interface has been refreshed and looks more like Touchwiz this time around. The new interface also includes an app drawer. The app drawer is not enabled by default but can be easily enabled in settings.

The latest version of EMUI is based on Nougat which is big news. This means the native Nougat features are included. The new version of EMUI includes a feature which makes the UI "never age". You know how over time phones get laggy. EMUI monitors the use of resources and uses an algorithm to learn how you use your phone so it can call up the right hardware resources at the time you need them so your phone never slows down. It would be nice to see how this works over time. Overall this looks to be a pretty great update to an infamous Android skin.