Best video player app for android?


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Apr 29, 2013
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Some one tell me what is the best video player app for android? Thanks alot!:blink:
BS Player, MX Player and Dice Player should cover just abot anything you want to throw at them. Some have additional codecs that may need to be installed but all work great. Mobo Player is also decent.
Mx player pro

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I found this app recently its called ShareOn Video and can be found on the Android play store. But anyway I don't really know about codecs, but whats extremely cool about this app is that if you have a DLNA supported Television set you can select the TV you want to play it on then while the video is running on your phone you can watch it on your big screen.

You can also watch videos that are stored on your PC and watch them anywhere without downloading as long as your are connected to a network Wi-Fi, 3g, 4g and so on.

am I allowed to provide the link to the app?
I use MCPlayer. MCPlayer is regarded as HD (high-definition) wireless streaming video player for all Android devices. It allows to stream videos right from your home network. Supports many formats like AVI, MPG/MPEG, MKV, WMV, MP4, ASF, GP, TS, MOV, M4V, FLV, 3GP, VOB and M2TS.
I've been using MX Player for years because no matter the format it seems to work. I also like how it has easy gestures for volume, brightness and ff/rw during playback.

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Been using MX Player for years with no issues whatsoever.
MX player and VLC are best as compare to other video player. i personally use theses twp in my android phone and it work perfectly for me.
I like bsplayer..but now I prefer xvideo player it's like mpc for pc..plays everything I have thrown at it so far additional codes etc...
Also, recommend MX Player as I use it myself. It is simple and convenient service. The best on the market to my mind