Best Portable Charger, that can charge Droid razr


Dec 5, 2011
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how can the power gen only charge a 1420mah battery 2.5times? 5200mah divided by 1420 is more then 2.5 lol. Or is that not how it works? can someone tell me how many times each would charge my razr, and which they prefer? im so unsure about this. Also, if ya have other suggestions let me know.
this is what i use. You can go to 14000 mah from this one but tbh this one provides a couple charges to my D1. I use the stock moto usb cable and just plug it in usb port and walk around like nothing. its pretty cool. i got mine from costco pretty cheap and new so the link i provided is more like a look at this but not an intelligent price spot. Look around the other online sites. hope this helps.
that is 8000mah, and that only charges your phone 3 times? are you kidding lol? i was looking at a 5200mah, that will only charge mine twice.