Being charged for tethering


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May 16, 2011
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Hi all.

I am not a Droid/Verizon user. I am inquiring for my Mother. She is on on Verizon and has a LG Vortex. She is looking into getting a netbook or tablet for when she is out on the road to handle business. She would need to be able to jump online on the netbook or tablet.

Now I have seen that there are a few apps for the Vortex that allow tethering like EZ Tether and PdaNet.

My question is will she get charged for this? I'm on Sprint and they will try to charge you for any tether usage. We used to have to hide that we were tethering a while back with WinWiFiRouter or whatever app we used.

So I am a little concerned that she may get reamed for tethering her computer to her Verizon phone. She wouldn't use this while home, only while out, so I couldn't see the usage being severe.

vzw is in the process of cracking down on tethering right now. they have pulled all tethering apps from the market recently, but there have yet to be any reports of someone getting charged for it, at least not that i've seen. so tentatively i would say she's fine especially if she stays under the mythical 5gb data cap, but even if she passes that the most they will do is throttle her data speed. this is all subject to change though.