Beautiful Widgets OR Skyfire new update problems?


Nov 22, 2009
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Palm Coast, Floridaaa
Okay, so I JUST got notifications about 20 minutes ago for New Updates on my phone. Among them, BW and Skyfire (there were more but those were the only 2 I did). After installing these, I went back to my home screen, to discover all my icons were gone. (Stock Home app, no Helix or anything anymore). Everything was moving fine, switching between screens, so I can tell it was loaded, so I decided to restart my phone. I restarted my phone, and upon restart, "Home" force closed 4 times. It LITERALLY took about 15 minutes for my icons to start appearing after the restart, and they didn't all appear at once, they appeared little by little, a couple every minute or so. And my phone started lagging REALLY badly. Anyone else who install these updates notice any of this? Or was that just pure coincidence? Any way I can check what was causing all that lag upon restart?
It may be a coincidence. I downloaded both at the same time and all my icons stayed on the screen. My home launcher is the ADW launcher, which is somewhat based on the Helix Launcher.