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Nov 8, 2009
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How long are you all getting on your battery? I'm getting one day max. I am just curious if I am way off or about looking at a normal battery life.

I'm not even getting that much. If I run widget even less
At least it charges quickly but 5-6 hours is unacceptable
battery life

i was getting 6 -8 hours maybe less. . . . i was on the web and you tube, just messing around with it . . . i downloaded advanced task manager and with one button you can end all of the files or programs you have. . . . The phone runs like a computer you need to back out of everything you open. or it will run the battery down
If i were to run mine down to 10% or so, i would be getting around 10-14 hours of out it, more then exceptable.
Ya I am getting about one day out of it so far, but I've only had it for 3 or 4 days so I constantly keep playing with it. :)
Only one day, returned!

I was only getting 8-10 hrs. That was the main reason I returned mine. I also did not think that the additional cost per month was worth it. $7 dollars a month for insurance is just too much. This phone cost too much not to have the insurance. I decided that having a regular phone that keeps a charge for days even a week and using the extra money for other things was more important. That being said, the phone did seem to work good and had a lot of real neat apps! I really liked the bar code scanner app that would let you find a app for the phone on your desktop computer then scan the code and then download the program, too cool.
I get about a full day. Since im used to an iphone its not a big deal. Im never far froma plug/car plug or computer so I can always charge it.
Yeah i bought an extra 2 6-foot usb cables for it, so i could keep 1 at work and 1 for my car. So that way i'm always able to plug up if needed.
Yeah if I'm playing with the thing I'll get 7 or 8 hours tops. Sucks.