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Jan 19, 2012
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I want to buy a spare backup battery for my galaxy 4g epic touch but I saw a comment on the charger/dock station (comes with battery) that said the battery did not work because it was not a NFC battery. I can't find solid facts on this subject. They said that there was some kind of antenna on the battery and the battery is programmed to the phone it came with. There was also many saying that they had to hard reset their phones after switching batteries. Please help guys. I am an extremely heavy user and have always had a backup battery to get me through my work day. I need one right away but I don't need problems. Thank you.
I bought generic spare battery for my phone for $25 AU
It work ok but not last as long as Samsung battery.
I am curious to know about your battery charger though.
Can you charge battery separate from phone ? Is so could i do same with galaxy s2?
If so could you give details like model no/price and website you bought it from phone?
I am in Australia and have not seen available charger.
I was thinking of buying solar charger but not useful if have to put battery in phone to charge battery as day time when i walking around with phone on my person

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NFC is important, but not Samsung dependent.

The Samsung Galaxy lines uses NFC equipped batteries so that it can communicate charge status, temperature, etc. However, many aftemarket batteries have NFC chips and thus are compatible replacements. Quality is a different issue: there is some risk that an aftermarket battery may not have the integrity of the OEM battery and could possibly overheat, damage the phone, or even catch fire. If you go with an aftermarket product, you will need to ascertain its quality and reliability. Common "tricks" used by manufacturers that use inferior parts are to significantly underpower the battery (lower mAh rating) or to set the charge charge limit - on the NFC chip - low to circumvent any potential for overheating. While these tricks will make inferior batteries safer, they obviously reduce the charge reserve you will get from them. A general rule: While you don't always get what you pay for - and Samsung replacement parts are pricey - you can be sure that you don't get what you don't pay for. I.e., if it's cheap, it's cheap, in more ways than just price.