Battery Issues and Email Notification in sleep mode


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Jun 12, 2010
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Hello folks!

First and foremost, let me thank you all in advance for taking the time (hopefully) to read this...... dancedroid

I have had the HTC incredible for one week now.
I am a very experienced "smart phone" user with many BB phones under my belt.

I have the "Advanced Task Killer" App and "Task Manager" App on my device.

I do not have Flickr or Facebook active.

I use the Power Widget and keep everything off except wi-fi when needed.

I just did a sleep button depress and left it that way for about 9 minutes.

Upon taking out of sleep mode I am viewing uptime and Awake time as follows:

Up Time 42
Awake Time 33

I gather this is what I DO want to see? It is telling me it DID sleep the entire time after I depressed the sleep button, on top, until I depressed it again? Therefore, nothing is syncing or draining the battery that I am not aware of?

A second problem that perhaps you have found a fix (I hope):

This involves getting audible notifications or vibrations upon arrival of new emails while device is in sleep mode. I get none, only a flashing green LED light. Only when the device comes out of sleep mode will I get an audible notification (but not a vibration, even though I have vibration checked off in all my settings, email and global ones) when an email comes in.

When I am walking around, since the screen is sooo sensitive to every touch, I tend to put it in sleep mode, but then I miss any emails that come in. However a phone call will take it out of sleep mode and ring or vibrate depending on what mode I have it set for.

Is this what your experience has been?

I would like to get email notification (other than LED blinking) while in sleep mode as I do when a call comes in!!!

Any ideas / solutions??

Many, many thanks for any suggestions to a fellow "Incredible" user!