Battery icon in task bar, wrong percentages?


Apr 24, 2010
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When I look at my icon in the task bar I say oh cool I have roughly 60 to 80 percent left on the battery. (Which is what it looks like. But when I look at my battery use it says like 50 percent or 40 buy it doesn't seem right. Anyone else have seen that?

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How do I do the hack?

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You are not the only one with this issue. Mine does the same thing. It shows 90% on the main screen (battery in top right corner) and then when you go to the battery information, it shows like 70%. Right now it looks like around 40% and in the battery information it shows 40%. I guess mine only messes up in the higher percentage numbers :blink: I did not bring it up cause to me it did not matter and was not something that bothered me.
Ya mine does that too. Right now the battery icon is solid green in notification bar. But in quick settings and battery usage it says 90%.
Really like circle battery. Very accurate, and easy to read...