Baseband unlocking?


Dec 15, 2010
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My problem is I can't get any data connectivity - not even EDGE. My Pro is unlocked and I'm currently using it in Kuwait with a local provider's SIM card. I confirm that the APN settings are correct (been using them on other phones) and that the phone is set to GSM AUTO(PRL).

I've seen people updating the baseband left and right on original Droids, but not the Pro just yet. My baseband version on the pro is n_01.53.07p (whatever that means!), so now I have some questions:
Are there any other baseband versions that I can update to?
How do I apply a baseband update?
Can I brick my phone doing it?
If I face any problems or brick my Pro, will flashing the SBF file return everything back to normal?

One more thing: When I check the "Select radio band" menu, the only option is USA BAND. If I choose that, I lose all network connectivity - not just data - and I have to do a factory reset. On other phones this menu always has Automatic/Euro/Japan/......