Baby piano




Toy piano or harpsichord kids for kids (free) is a children's game belongs to the category of games for children up to 7 years . Developing children's games , a very important component of the modern development of the child . Educational games for small children on mobile devices become a trend in the category of games for kids .

People are devoted to music since childhood. Music develops the child's ability , makes his life more fun and interesting .. That is why we teach a child to music since childhood, from the first lullaby over the crib .

Very convenient and useful to learn to play the piano a bit . And "Baby Piano" will help in this . On the panel there is a button with melodies : this popular tunes without a voice . At the top there is a button record tunes. That is , the child presses the blue button in the right corner and the program begins to play melodies on the piano , which has created a child on the keys.

" Toy piano " like a real piano instrument develops an ear for music , as well as the child's thinking , not to mention the fine motor fingers.

5 tones, 17 different sounds and bright colors - all in one small application!

You make the first steps in the development of music with us!