Automated robots not getting numbers entered on keypad


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Oct 22, 2021
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I have an LG LML212VL mobile phone running Android 8.1.0, and whenever I call a company for help they request that I enter numbers to verify myself, but the robots who inevitably answer the calls cannot understand the numbers I enter from the keypad, and give me relentless errors / 'apologies for not being able to get that'....
This is a recent thing, only the last couple of months, but is frustrating to no end, especially since they do not offer the optio0n to just say the numbers generally. Simple smaller numbers, like a single digit work, but I am not even able to enter my Social Security number without the robot having a problem getting it. This is extra confusing as when the robot asks me to choose English by pressing '1' it works, but it seems that more than 3 letters will not work correctly. The result of this is that I can never reach out to any Support teams for help with accounts of any kind, being that no human beings ever answer phone calls anymore, with the robots weeding them out.
My carrier is Tracfone Wireless, if that means anything, but can someone explain to me this stupidity please??
Thanks in advance!!
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Dec 18, 2010
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I'm sorry but I've never run into that problem. I'm reaching here but are you inputting the numbers to fast? Can you hear the keypad tone? Maybe call Trac phone and just press 0 for the operator if they have that option. You may have to email them if you can't call them. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.