Auto Memory Manager (Root Required)

I think it keeps some of the useless process from putting you into a state where you don't have enough memory to keep the phone snappy. Ie: if I hadn't had this, I would've needed my taskiller to kill some 3rd party apps when I got to under 30MB free.

With this, I'm hovering at 35-50MB free at all times. Settings from top to bottom (AutoMemMan)

Foreground 6
Visible 12
2ndary 25
Hidden 82
Content 89
Empty 97

I think if you really want to hover around the 50-70MB free level, you would need to move the secondary server to something like 35-40. I'm gonna run those same settings, but with the secondary slider set to 35 and see how that works. It's tough to say exactly how effective it's been though seeing I've been jumping ROM's and Kernels so much lately.
same problem, FC when try to access running process on Milestone 2.1
No Force Close here on a 2.1 Milestone, but after setting IM+ to "always keep alive", the application hangs at "refreshing applications"... :( -edit- Works if you select "List" instead of "group by OOM"... However, the "always keep alive" function seems to be as permanent as the "Decrease OOM" function on Auto Killer App: Not at all. The function sets the OOM value to -17 for about 5 seconds... it then switches back. :(
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