Authentication Problems For All LTE-Capable VZW Phones...


Dec 28, 2009
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I've now seen this link: This Is Why Your Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Or Other 4G LTE VZW Phone) Is Losing Its Data Connection pointed to on several of the forums for individual phones where several folks are having problems with their data connections. But since it's relevant to *any* LTE/4g capable Verizon phone, it seems that it deserves it's own thread in a more general setting.

Why? Because, if the speculation in the linked article is correct, it doesn't matter what phone you have or what ROM you're running, Verizon's authentication scheme is causing many owners of these newer phones to have problems maintaining data connections---even if you have your 4g-capable phone in 3g-only data mode. There can be no robust fix for this problem unless Verizon figures out a better scheme. It has nothing to do with the manufacturer; anything that they can do will be a band-aid.

I bought a Nexus not long after they came out. I immediately began to have problems so severe that, after several long telephone conversations with VZW CS folks, I was told that I'd have to get another another SIM card. I had already been without my phone for 3 days. To heck with that; I sent the phone back.

I'm hanging with my OG Droid, or since any 3g-only phone will do, even going back to my non-smartphone for as long as it takes Verizon (a) to own up to this issue honestly, and (b) to provide a solid fix for it.

To all of you trendsetters: Please keep us cavemen updated on Verizon's progress on this.




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Nov 11, 2009
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Good read. Definitely "growing pains", but at least they're addressing the problem, I hope...