AudioManager Widget Question


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Nov 17, 2009
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Baltimore, Maryland
So I just downloaded the free version of this widget and it wont let me change the notification and ringer separately. If I adjust the ringer, the notifications mirrors the same volume. Do I have to buy the pro version to get them separated and have different volumes each?
It's controlled by your phone's settings. Go into Settings -> Sound -> Volume. If you want the two to be independent, clear the checkbox at the bottom ("Use incoming call volume for notifications"). Be aware that if you do clear the checkbox, though, when you use the volume controls on the side of the phone to turn down or silence your ringer your notifications will still blast away at whatever the volume was at (or turning up your ringer won't turn up your notifications). So you'll have to go back into setting or use the widget or another app every time you want to change the notification volume. That's why the default is to tie the two together, so people don't get surprised by hearing a loud notification when they thought they turned their phone down.