Audio keeps stopping when switching apps


Dec 3, 2009
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Roughly half the time I switch apps while audio is playing in the background, it stops and I have to go open the app (Music, Listen) to restart it.

It's not like the audio is just being "paused", either. Switching back to Listen, it's like opening it after a fresh boot; it doesn't remember which podcast I was on, but as soon as I find it and press play, the audio resumes where it left off.

This happens to me using headphones or the speaker, and with any ROM I'm using... currently on UD8.

Super-annoying. Please help.
First question, are you running a task killer? Second question, what else are you launching that might be taking up more memory than your audio program?
Not a true task killer, but I am using Autostarts and Watchdog, though I haven't set either app to blacklist/auto-kill anything.

And it doesn't matter which app I'm switching to/from. It's inconsistent; even with the same app, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I've never heard of Android force-closing background music to better allocate memory, but I'm no expert.
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