AT&T Facing $100 Million fine for data throttling


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Dec 23, 2009
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They will appeal and lawyer their way down to a smaller fine.


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Sep 5, 2010
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They will appeal and lawyer their way down to a smaller fine.
And by the time it comes to that they'll have made more in profit than the original fine.
They've got lawyers telling them what they can and can't get away with and how much what they can't get away with will cost. It's a 4th branch of government thing.

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Apr 1, 2011
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Well, it's least from my personal experience.
I've long known that Verizon has been throttling me for at least the last 2 years. Since this story broke about AT&T being fined 100 million dollars, other carriers have quietly discontinued the practice of throttling unlimited data users on their respective networks. T-Mobile stopped doing it last December I think it was. A story broke yesterday how Sprint has stopped throttling in the wake of the new Net Neutrality rules. (I'm sure the 100 million dollar fine AT&T received helped to speed things along, as that kind of money would bankrupt Sprint)
And while I haven't found any "official" word from VZW, my speeds have increased at least twofold, and often times as much as 3X the speed I was getting. At home and work I would get pathetic speeds ranging from 5-10 down / 1-5 up. (Occasionally I would get into the teens, but that was on a good day) Since reading the story about AT&T, I had this strange feeling that my speeds would start to increase. I've been telling people for years that I'm being throttled but the majority of folks would say, "Don't be silly....Verizon doesn't throttle, there must be something wrong with your connection, tower, congestion, time of day, you live in a concrete and steel cage, you're holding your phone wrong, etc etc". :D
My first speed test I was sitting in front of Lowes, and when 35 down & 18 up appeared, I knew I had struck gold.
In this first screenshot, all of the speeds in the mid-upper 20 to 35 range are different locations around town.
The first three (or last three tests) are in the low 20's and that's at home. (where they throttled the shishkabob out of me, since that's where I generally use the most data)

This second screen shot are tests I've done before this AT&T story broke. All the single digit speeds were tests performed while at home, and those in the teens were taken around town.

While I never really had a problem streaming videos, YouTube, etc on speeds in the low teens, I knew Verizon had to be doing something shady on their end, and this now confirms my suspicions.
I'm looking forward to hearing from other UD users on Verizon. (apparently this is only affecting UD users on all these carriers and not those on a data plan)
Post em if you got em! :cool:
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