Asus Transformer TF101


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Feb 14, 2012
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Hello all!
I am a tech working for a school district we have just invested in a few Asus Transformers and I have a few questions about my new devices. However first I would like to give as much info as I can:
Model: Transformer tf101
Android version: 3.2.1 (honeycomb)

first question, is a bit of a networking nightmare I am trying to see if we can "lock", for lack of a better term, the desktop I do not want any of my users moving or changing the icons I have placed. just wondering if its even passable.

next question is I have been looking for a good file viewer to access our domain and see shared drives (I am pushing for paperless go green people!!) and network folders. I have tried "ES File Explorer" with my htc 3D evo (my personal phone) with no luck but if there are any other FREE apps that can do that I would love to see a link.

Thanks all for now Thank you for the help all.