Asus Teaser Hints at New Device Unveiling at MWC Press Conference; Maybe Fonepad


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Dec 30, 2010
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Asus just shared a new teaser ad, claiming "in search of incredible." It is designed to generate interest for the press event they will hold at MWC on February 25th. Although there are several device they may launch during the event, the industry speculation suggests their prime item of interest is the 7-inch Fonepad. Interestingly, their have been hints rippling throughout the industry that this new Fonepad will utilize an Intel based processor instead of the usual varieties.

If you peer carefully at the ad, you will notice that all the tiny symbols follow a path, and that path is either the number 8 or an infinity symbol. Obviously, this means it could either be a new Windows 8 product, or a new "sequel" to their Infinity Android tablet, or perhaps both (a Windows 8 based Infinity tablet). Of course, we will be sharing all the exciting news with you as it breaks at MWC in just a couple of weeks. What do you think this new teaser is hinting at?

Source: TransformerForums via PhoneArena
If you zoom in, there appears to be a Windows 8 icon near the crossing point. But the others aren't very Windows 8-like I must say.
I'm still hoping for an upgrade to the Android-based Infinity though.
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I'm thinkin Windows 8 tablet
I'm hoping for a phone, but it might not matter cause Verizon never gets the good stuff:angry:
I'm thinkin Windows 8 tablet

I'm with you on that. As soon as I saw the 8, I immediately thought "Windows 8". And since ASUS seems to put out more in the way of tablets than phones, I think this is probably a safe bet. Perhaps it's a new Transformer?