Asus Releases 'Next Transformations' Teaser Video for Computex 2012 Event in Taipei


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Dec 30, 2010
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How many of you out there are excited about the new Transformer Pad Infinity? Apparently, Asus wants to build up your anticipation even further, as they have just released a teaser video for their next press launch at CompuTex 2012 in Taipei. Although the teaser video doesn't specifically name the Transformer Pat Infinity, it does hint at the "Next Transformations," which seems to point in the direction of their newest flagship Android Tablet device. Just in case any of our readers have missed the previous news on this one, the Transformer Pad Infinity is supposed to take Android tablet screen tech to a whole new level of beautiful and feature a true HD 1920x1200 display.

The Computex Event will happen on May 31st, so we only have a couple of days before the big reveal.

Source: TransformerForums
I read about that video but I was hoping it was about a new 7" tablet... maybe tegra 3? As in project kai... I hope it is cause I'm a fan of the 7" form factor and am definitely interested if it is.