Asus Already Working on PadFone 2; Will Have 4G


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Dec 30, 2010
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Just earlier we shared a promo video for the Asus hybrid phone-tablet-lapdock, and now we already have news of a PadFone 2. Apparently, Asus is very confident that their as-yet-to-be-released PadFone will be a success. In fact, they are so confident in it, that they are already planning the "sequel." Some new industry intel suggests that Asus is working on a PadFone 2, and that the second version will contain 4G compatibility. No other details have emerged, but we will keep your feelers out for any info we can find.

What do you guys think? Is this device going to be a hit?

Source: Padfone 2 already on the ASUS slate, will feature 4G
The Padfone2 sounds nice, but I think I'm just going to wait for the Padfone3.
I am betting the "padphone 2" (doubt that ill be the name but will indeed be the second rendition) will be what we will see in the states releasing on vzw in November. (by the way that November vzw release date take it with a grain of salt).
My next upgrade would probably be something like @ Oct'13.

HTC Rezound is so solid on ICS it's hard for me to imagine really needing (or even wanting) to upgrade in 2 years. But I would probably like a tablet, and something like the padfone - if powerful enough to dual boot a lite version of Linux or Windows - would make some sense.

With LTE and unlimited data, I might seriously consider ditching home broadband with a padfone. Which is why I suspect VZW would do something about the data plan for that.
This is one device I have really high hopes for. Hoepfully the version that comes to the states (Padfone 2) will have all the bugs worked out ;)