Archos announces 3 unlocked Google Certified Android phones


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Jan 27, 2010
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Archos is joining the Android phone stratosphere .. with the 35 Carbon, 50 Platinum and 53 Platinum. The 35 Carbon runs 4.0 and has a 3.5 inch display with a 1GHz processor which will run you $99. The 50 Platinum runs Android 4.1.2 and has a quad-core processor, a 5 inch display and it costs $219.

The 53 sports a 5.3 inch display with the same specs as the 50 and costs $249. All devices will ship SIM-free and unlocked and they are expected to launch in Europe by the end of June.

Via: Android News and Rumors
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It's nice to see manufactures step up to make reasonably priced phones. That are unsubbed.
I have an old unlocked iPhone that I use for overseas travel. It's falling apart and needs replacing before I travel this summer. I may grab this up. Archos' quality isn't exactly great though.
I've only owned one Archos device, but learned three things from the experience:

(1) Archos somehow knows how to make affordable devices that look damn good for the price.

(2) Archos promotes their products well, promising all kinds of decent features.

(3) Sadly, at release time the said product typically lacks a considerable number of promised features -- some of which show up soon after in firmware updates, some never.

Beware Archos. They talk a good game but never fully deliver.