apps think internal storage is sd card

Aug 10, 2010
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I have two apps that when i do a backup, backup the data to the internal storage. One is Launcherpro, and the other is a Pokerlog app which keeps track of sessions, etc.

I would like to be backing up to the card instead, in case phone dies on me, I still have the data on my card.

Any ideas?

On second thought, is there an app that will backup a certain file online once a week?
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Jan 1, 2010
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I have the same problem!

I just got my bionic, and the Rhapsody app insists on storing to the internal memory rather than the SD card as well as only reading the internal memory for ringtones and notification sounds. Is there some setting that we can change to fix this. This feels very much like a Dell laptop: it's prepartitioned a half dozen times with proprietary software when you get it and have to flatten it in order to use the full size of the hard drive.

I love this phone, and flame me all you like, but as someone who has this app running almost constantly and doesn't have an unlimited data plan, I've got 28 days to fix this problem or I have to take it back and get an X2 if it circumvents this problem :( Or perhaps rooting it would fix this? I've seen a couple sites claiming they've done it. I haven't wanted to for fear of it being such a new phone, but that's what the insurance plan is for, right :)