Apps That Droid Does Have Vs Iphone


Jul 25, 2010
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Recently, I was asked how to get text messages off an iphone while keeping the contact information intact eg: what number sent it, what time etc. to save and print.
Coming from Android I figured this would be simple tell the person to go and find a sms to email app or a sms backup app.
I was shocked when the person came back in five minutes telling me that there was no such app... After all, this is the app store with over 10,000 apps and something so easy isn't possible there wasn't even one on Cydia!
So I looked myself and there was one for $4.99 but that's obviously not a choice for the person in question.
Coming from Android I'm not well versed in iPhone or how to sync the phone with the computer just to save stuff.
This issue should have been addressed already via the cloud.
In the end, we had to download an app to a computer and then save/print the messages from there!
So I was struck with inspiration to list apps that we as the Android Nation have that the iToys don't!
The main idea is that we don't need a computer to help is out for this
I'll go first:
SMS Backup & Restore