Applications not installing on Droid Incredible


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Mar 22, 2011
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I have a droid incredible and I am having problems with some applications installing. For the longest time, the newest update of Angry Birds Seasons (the one with St. Paddy’s day) won’t install. I download and it always comes back not installed reason unknown. I have shut down, I have updated *228 and I have taken the battery out when phone was on to kind of reset.
I noticed that the application was on my SD card, but I moved it and still nothing.
Any ideas or just a error that may not be fixed?
Also, I just downloaded the new Amazon App store and cannot install those apps. I already checked unknown sources in my settings, but the apps I try to download won’t install.
So annoying. I went through and took off all the apps I don’t use to clear up space just in case, but nothing is working.
Any ideas?