App2SD - Help please


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Aug 21, 2011
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Hi gang!

I am running Rev. CM7 on OTA GB and I am having issues moving apps to the SD card. I know the App2SD only helps you be aware that an app can be moved to the SD (or at least they are suppose to), however when I go to move a app to the SD 95% of the time I get a failed notice on the first try and then when I try again it shows that it moves it, however when I go to the Apps on SD tab it has a weird name, i.e. com.wallpapers.... (if the name of the app was wallpapers), and it shows a 0bytes in size.

I know there is something fishy going on here as it causes my phone to start acting crazy, the biggest thing is I can't access my SD via USB and then it gets to the point I can't install anything from the SD.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.