App to control access to droid


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Jan 6, 2011
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Does anyone know of an application that create and control logins to a cell phone? Here's what I would like the app to do:

User has to login to the cell phone with a username and password (I don't care what method is used to authenticate the user).

After logging in, the user has a predefined amount of time to be using the phone (again, I don't care what method is used for the policy enforcement)

All user logins and texting is sent to a central location (server).

The phone then logs out automatically after the predefined time limit expires.

The phone is erased (at least the texting content).

The phone returns to the login screen for the next user.

This functionality doesn't have to be tied in any way to the provider meaning the data plan with unlimited texting would be purchased and always available.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Feb 21, 2010
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N.E. Ohio
As far as logging goes....the only thing that I know of is the security section of the phone itself. You can use a pin number, password, or a pattern. You cannot add accounts to the phone and domain accounts to the phone are something that you cannot do either. ...without using some sort of third party software in which, I haven't seen anything like. I haven't heard of any software performing the kind of actions that your requesting.