APP [ICONS] Naxos Flat Round Icon Pack


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Oct 6, 2011
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Here is an all new "flat' icon set by developer "Romowtheme". The Naxos Icons stand out as they add a shadowing effect both behind the app logo and the icon itself. The shadow behind the icon makes the icon appear to hover over the homescreen, while the icon logo shadow makes the icon logo appear to hover over the icon. This gives the icons a perceived depth. The icon itself is flat and minimal. This icon theme will work for just about any Android launcher. It includes over 1200 custom themed icons, 34 custom wallpapers, icon masks (which means that every app in your app drawer will match the overall theme), 4 custom designed icon folders, stand alone app which will help you add the icon pack effortlessly to your launcher, clock widget integrated into package and more!


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