APP [ICONS] Stuktur Icon Pack! On Sale 40% Off!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Now you can have the latest designer icons by developer "Shamrock Studios" for a fraction of the price! The "Struktur' Icon pack is now on sale for %40 off. Struktur Icons look like little flat circles that are hovering over your screen. They cast a slight shadow which can be seen behind the circle. Raised icon logos are raised out from the middle of the circle and also cast a shadow. This icon pack contains 627 hand themed icons. All icons in your app drawer will appear to be themed even if the theme doesn't include a theme for the particular icon thanks to icon masking. You also get 20 HD wallpapers, Friendly user interface, icon request option, Icon backs and masks. This icon pack is compatible with custom launchers including Apex, ADW, Nova, Action, Aviate, Smart, Unicorn, Holo, and Go launchers. This icon pack is constantly updated and can now be yours for only $1. Head to the link below for the download.


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