App Force Close (Droid X)


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Jan 26, 2011
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I got the Droid X in mid December and it was running fine until about a week ago. Every time I try to access the picture gallery via shortcut or by finding the file in the phone's task menu it takes over the screen like it's about to open then closes right away and takes me back to the home screen.

Any suggestions?
Remove all task killers and virus protection. Do a simple reset. If it continues to force close on you then you will probably need to do a factory data reset out of your privacy section.
I think the fix for the Gallery is to open Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, click the ALL tab, find Gallery in the list and click it. Once open, click Clear Data.

Otherwise you need to eject the memory card, move the contents to your computer, format the card, and move the contents back.

There are many posts on this board dealing with this issue, if one of these does not work, they might have something better.
I did the factory reset. It's working fine now. But I was surprised to find that all my pics were still on the card. I would have figured that everything had been erased. Thanks for all the help. :)