[APP] Canned Responses For Android Wear


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the greatest functions of Android Wear is the ability to quickly check on your notifications without having to pull your phone out of your pocket! This can become a bit cumbersome when you are trying to reply on the go. Android Wear currently does not have a quick way to respond. If you receive a text message you can view it from Android wear, but to respond you will have to swipe away the text say "OK Google", then "send text to (contact)" then "speak text". If you are on the go or you happen to be driving this can be a bit much and chances are you will either ignore the text or pull your phone and punch out a quick response.

What if you could simply tap a quick pre loaded canned response from your Android Wear when a text notification came across the screen?! Thanks to developer "BMc08GT" you can. His new app is still a work in progress but once it is fully fleshed out you will have a way to quickly respond to and dismiss notifications. Brandon gave a quick explanation of how this app works.

"Let me explain the process going on in the back end.

-SMS is received(hangouts only used so far)
-SMS sender address is grabbed from the SMS and the corresponding notification is cloned
-cloned notification is used to build a copy of the apps notification (including conversation page, if applicable) and the custom reply action is added.
-the new notification is only seen on the wearable, and is interact-able via voice or responses.

-only issue remaining is getting the original notification to clear only on the wearable so a seamless experience is provided."

As stated above this is a Work In Progress and has not yet been released for public consumption. If you would like to use this app head to the thread link below for updates. A downloadable app should be available soon!