[APP] Better Battery Life With Wake Lock Detector


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Oct 6, 2011
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What is the one place where cell phone hardware development has become stagnant? In the last few years phones have evolved from things we talked to people on into full fledged hardcore PCs. We can do just about anything on them now from web surfing to pretty intensive gaming. Each year our phones get faster and faster. The displays get brighter and clearer. Everything advances except the battery. For now all we can do to achieve better battery life is to throw in a larger battery...or is it. Software developers are doing all they can to develop more efficient firmwares for our devices. Some app developers have taken it upon themselves to create solutions.

Wake Lock Detector is an app that helps you to manage battery draining services on your device. "WakeLock" is a mechanism that is built into Android which can be used by other applications to the CPU awake, keep the screen turned on, keep the screen from dimming, or keep software button lights from turning off. They can use wakelock to keep their app running in the background for things like notifications and updates. If used improperly WakeLock can cause all kinds of unwanted and unnecessary battery drainage.

Wake Lock Detector shows you in depth and categorized wake lock stats for all apps. Giving you the information you need to see which apps are causing your device to have less than great battery life. This is a great analyzation tool which can help you save a few headaches.