Better Battery Life With AutoCon


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are like me you are always actively looking for ways to save battery life. I am a pretty heavy user, and need atleast 3-4 hours of screen on time per day. I use my phone to check emails, twitter, and research things on the web throughout the day. One of my favorite devices of all time was the Note 3. The reason I loved it so much is because it had great battery life with such a huge battery. There are plenty of ways that you can save on battery life. On my LG G3 I have been pretty successful at saving battery life by simply turning my screen brightness down to 35%. This gets me through the entire day with more than 25% battery left at the end of most days. There are other ways to save on battery though.


Some of the main battery killing culprits are your wifi, bluetooth, and mobile data connections. If you leave on your wifi and leave the house your phone will periodically scan for a wifi network to connect to. If you are never near a wifi network you can lose out on battery life. The same thing goes with mobile data. If you leave a saturated part of the network and your coverage is spotty your phone does double duty to try to find a good signal to latch onto killing your battery in the process. Developer "bsuhas" has created an app that helps to save battery by managing your connections. This app will automatically turn off your wifi, mobile data, and bluetooth connections while your screen is turned off. When your screen turns back on so do your connections. This app is fully customizable so you can set it to turn the signal on periodically that way you aren't totally missing out on your notifications.

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Sep 11, 2011
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I have DS Battery Saver on my G3. It is an xposed module. It forces the phone into deep sleep when locked....but wakes it up at an interval you set to sync data....then back to deep sleep. But it leaves cell on for calls and texts. It is amazing.