AParted Sd card Partition Tool For Android


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Oct 6, 2011
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There are a few reasons that you made want to repartition your SdCard. If you like to mod your phone many mods do require you to repartition your sdcard to exfat4 or Fat32. MultiSystem for Android is similar to Safestrap. It is essentially a custom recovery that circumvents the locked bootloader allowing you to flash custom roms. In order to use this awesome recovery replacement you will need to be able to reformat your sdcard into two separate partitions.

AParted is probably the easiest way to repartition your sdcard this way since it does not require the use of a PC. The app also allows you to add more ram to your device by creating swap partitioning. You can even repair some damaged sdcards and scan for bad blocks. This does require root. Head to the link below to grab this app.

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